Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pepperoni Cheese Buns

My wife wanted a bread maker for the longest time and after making several loafs of the most delicious bread a human can possibly eat we decided to use one of the many functions on the bread maker to make White Bread Dough. The instructions were pretty easy to follow. The idea came back to me when I was growing up in Jersey City... I could remember many of the mom and pop pizza shops selling amazing italian food and for some reason the thought of a pepperoni cheese roll sprung into my mind.... I told the wife about it and asked for a dough and this began the conquest to use the Bread Maker to Make the Actual Dough... Here is what we did......

After settling the Dough we seperated them into fist size balls.
The first step is to flatten out the ball just enough so that you
can line it with the best mozzarella you can afford.

Then its time to add some of the best Pepperoni you can afford

When you finally have the right amount of filling in the dough
the next step is to fold it over itself and press the edges together
so that it forms a nice round bun

When the buns are complete set in the oven at 400 degrees
For approx 20 mins
When they start to turn slightly brown and still soft to touch
add mozzeralla slices to the top and let melt. Do not burn!!

This is food fit for a fat boys paradise. So delicious, so moist
and soft with the dough and the cheese is just the perfect
combination with the Pepperoni. In one word... AMAZING!!

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